Our Solutions Bring Business to Your Business

Our print magazine and postcards are mailed to hundreds of thousands of local consumers

Our digital ads geographically target consumers via specialized SEO services and social media marketing

Our MaxBlast email marketing service sends digital ads to tens of thousands of subscribers each month

We can help market your digital ad to thousands of consumers using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why does advertising work?


In 2021, ad spending in the U.S. had a growth of over 18%! That’s over $285 billion according to Zenith Media. We here at MaxValues have witnessed this same increase in advertising first hand. Our customer base has grown exponentially and we are now serving more businesses in Northeast Ohio then we ever had before.


With over 30 years of advertising experience, MaxValues has matured as one of Northeast Ohio’s leading direct mail advertising agencies. By adapting to current marketing trends and adhering to new advertising tools, we have provided businesses with a diverse plan to reach more customers.

Advertising Tools

Increasing brand awareness and regularly reaching new customers are key factors for any business plan. Reaching today’s diverse consumer market requires a multifaceted approach using both print and digital advertising tools. By using our print magazine, postcards, inserts, website ads, email marketing and social media we can blanket a large or small area with your message.

Campaign Design

The objective of any ad campaign is to increase brand awareness and to offer some sort of incentive for the consumer to contact you instead of your competitor. That’s where our design team comes into play. Our staff has the experience and the latest design apps to provide you with professional designs that are both stylish and trendy.

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Your magazine is very good! It’s working great for all of our restaurants…much better than all the other “clipper” magazines and envelope mailers. I have just cancelled my ads in the envelope mailer because MaxValues gives me much better response and so many more homes for less money! Thank you so much!

My company’s garage door service participation has grown in coverage and lead generation with MaxValues because consumers are looking for my type of service! The magazine becomes an excellent source to find a business like mine. I like the quality and variety of businesses in the magazine, plus client support provided from MaxValues is enthusiastic!

We had a very good response.