MaxValues direct mail magazine is distributed throughout Cleveland and Akron, Ohio - direct mail marketing consultants

Direct Mail Targeting Homeowners

Reach areas as small as 22,000 addresses or an area as large as 594,000 addresses within the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio market. We will provide you with a direct mail marketing plan that fits your needs and budget. Our coveted publication is a full-color glossy magazine targeting single-family homeowners around your establishment and/or service area. MaxValues Magazine is free to consumers and features advertisements and coupon savings from a variety of local and national businesses.

High-Quality Printing for Better Looking Ads

We achieve a high quality appearance by using one of the leading printers in the country and using quality paper stock. We focus on placing recognizable, high-volume response advertisers on our front and back covers to drive traffic (flipping of pages) throughout the magazine.

Magazine Format for a Long Shelf Life

The end result of our effort is to place your advertisement in front of the right people. Also, as a magazine format, our mailer maintains a longer shelf life than flyers, postcards, envelope coupons, and newspaper inserts. Finally, by maintaining effective content throughout our magazine, people will likely see your ad multiple times.