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Budget 1 Fence - Cleveland, Ohio - Fence Contractor
Budget 1 Fence - Cleveland, Ohio fence installation

A Fence Installation Provides Comfort, Security and Elegance All Year Long!

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The professional fence installers and office staff of Budget 1 Fence will work hard to ensure your total satisfaction so that you may enjoy the privacy and security that your new fence installation provides for years to come. Call us today at 440.234.8323 or better yet, visit us in person to see fence samples and chat about your fence installation.


Our warehouse is located at:

Budget 1 Fence
8219 Almira Ave. Blg. G (in rear)
Cleveland, Ohio 44102


We’re licensed, bonded and insured to do work in your city. All communities have codes regulating fence styles, heights, and locations. When we come out for a fence installation project estimate we can explain these codes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Can I put the fence on my property line?

In most situations you can, but we don’t recommend that you do. We recommend that you set your fence approximately six inches inside your property line to ensure that the fence is entirely on your property. This guarantees that the fence is yours and is not shared property with your neighbor. There are exceptions. In cases where the fence is purchased with the neighbor, you will probably want to put the fence right on the property line. Another exception would be if there were any community, county or city setbacks. Then you will need to set the fence inside the setback line.


Question #2: What happens if I can’t find my property markers?

Usually your property markers are there, they are just buried under an inch or two of dirt and debris that has piled up over the years. If some of the property markers are there but some are missing, we can usually find your property lines if you have a copy of your plot plan. If no property markers are available, you will need to have a surveyor relocate the property. This is not very expensive if you use the same surveyor that is listed on the plot plan, because they already have all the information that’s needed to mark your property.


Question #3: Do I need a building permit?

Yes. If you live within a city limit, you will be required to obtain both city and a county permit. If you live outside of an incorporated town or city, then only a county permit will be required. In most cases, this holds true even if you are replacing an existing fence with the exact same style fence. Another consideration is, does your community have a home owner’s association that requires approval for fence construction. If you do, then you will be required to obtain approval from this organization. As an added service Budget 1 Fence Company will obtain any and all permits.


Call Budget 1 Fence today at 440-234-8323 for your next fence installation project. We are your local, professional fence installers serving Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area. So, if you’re looking for fence installation prices, we can provide you with a fencing quote that works for you.


8219 Almira Avenue
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