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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection serving Northeast Ohio

LeafFilter Gutter Protection

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The Nation’s Largest Gutter Protection Company


As the largest gutter protection brand in North America, LeafFilter Gutter Protection has improved the strength and longevity of gutter systems between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. As a full-service gutter company, the LeafFilter team comes prepared to provide gutter replacement and repairs in addition to installing the best gutter guard on the market. Its patented and industry-leading gutter guard comes in a variety of colors and is backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring gutters stay totally free of clogs. By keeping gutters clog-free, LeafFilter helps homeowners protect their dwellings from the threat of water damage and it helps them to invest in their personal safety by keeping them off the ladder. Plus, with a lifetime transferable warranty, LeafFilter Gutter Protection provides added value to homeowners looking to sell their homes and to potential buyers interested in more maintenance-free properties. With locations throughout the United States and Canada, LeafFilter now protects more than 100 million feet of gutters throughout Northeast Ohio.


Since launching its first office in Northeast Ohio in 2005, LeafFilter Gutter Protection has since grown to encompass more than 100 office locations throughout the United States and Canada. With professional installation and proven end-to-end service, LeafFilter has provided homeowners with total peace of mind since its inception. While its original design was meant to protect K-style gutters, LeafFilter’s team has since expanded the LeafFilter lineup to work with a variety of gutter and roof styles. Over the years, LeafFilter has grown to over 100 locations throughout North America. It has gained prestige via certifications and happy customers alike, with particular interest arising after a leading consumer reporting agency recognized LeafFilter as the “#1 rated professionally installed gutter guard system in America.” While it has now enjoyed more than a decade and a half as an industry leader, LeafFilter has big plans for its future and continues to expand its territories each year.

How LeafFilter Gutter Protection Works

LeafFilter™ gutter guards have been scientifically designed to create the optimal gutter protection for your home. LeafFilter’s micro mesh gutter guards, combined with your existing gutters, creates a completely sealed system that prevents anything from entering your gutters — except for water.

LeafFilter™ is designed around the idea of surface tension. When water flows down your roof towards your gutters and passes over the LeafFilter™ gutter protection system, the water is pulled through the micro-mesh screen and into your gutters.