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White Oaks Restaurant

777 Cahoon Road | Westlake, Ohio 44145 | Phone: 440-835-3090

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Voters named White Oaks the Best Romantic Restaurant in the Cleveland area for 2013 through 2017, making it the 8th time we’ve won. To determine the winner, voters had more than 20 nominees to choose from.


White Oaks opened its doors in 1928 and it became the place to be seen in almost immediately. The larder was always chock a-block and it was presided over by master practitioners of the epicurean art. The booze was ferried in from Canada nightly and it flowed copiously from dusk to dawn. These two necessities of the good life were further enhanced by grand-scale wagering, and it was within this sybaritic ambiance that captains of the industry, political hacks, denizens of the underworld, and sports and entertainment luminaries, mingled and rubbed congenial elbows.


In short, those were clandestine, but oh so tempting, times. The roster of White Oaks’ patrons read like a Cleveland “Who’s Who,” and the proud names therein were frequently upstaged by a parade of national and international personalities. All who came sought solace, and all who entered accepted the humbling experience of being surveyed at the peep-hole entry.


For those who seek at least a modicum of documentation, take a quick peek at the existing door of the men’s lounge. It, as its plaque indicates, was the original entrance to this long-ago oasis where parched, and the famished, and the jaded, once cavorted in carefree abandon.


The final truth is that today White Oaks continually strives to retain the fascinating mystique that has haunted it since it surrendered its youth some sixty years ago. Toward that end, only you can measure the success or failure of our efforts and we do cordially welcome your verdict.


777 Cahoon Road
  • White Oaks Restaurant
  • White Oaks Restaurant
  • White Oaks Restaurant