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WDS Landscape - North Ridgeville, Ohio - Landscaping & Design
WDS Landscape - North Ridgeville, Ohio - Landscaping & Design

Creative Landscape Design And Planting, Paver Patios, Low Maintenance Decks and Arbors, Personal Service Work with the Owner, OSU Graduate In Landscape Horticulture

Landscape Design

The most important phase of any landscape project is the design phase. You can have great plants, terrific soil preparation, and all the details just right, but if the design isn’t sound, the landscape won’t have lasting qualities. It is important that a design incorporates the Basic Design Principles of Order, Unity, Dominance, Major Contrast, Rhythm, Similarity, interconnection, Balance and Repetition.

Design Experience

All landscapes at WDS are designed by myself, William Schrauf (Bill). I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and have been designing landscapes in North East Ohio for thirty years. I will custom design a landscape to fit your individual wants and needs. I will use my extensive plant knowledge to give you seasonal color, four season interest and low maintenance.


When the job is complete, the crew will thoroughly clean-up your property, making sure it’s ready for you to start enjoying your landscape.

The Landscape Crew

The landscape crew installing your landscape project will be headed by myself, Bill Schrauf. I am on every job installed by WDS to make sure my vision in the landscape design is implemented to the highest standards. Also present on most jobs is my son, Dave Schrauf, who has been working in the landscape industry for 10 years.

On Time Performance

At WDS, we pride our selves with on time performance. Because of having to deal with the weather, it is difficult to give you an exact starting date. We will call ahead and let you know when we are starting and keep you informed of any changes in our schedule. Our schedule may change by a couple of days, but never weeks from your scheduled start date. Once we start your job, we will work on it consistently until it is complete. We will not start your job and than disappear for a while. We will be there to get it done for you!


Our guarantee is the best in the industry. We guarantee our plants two years instead of the standard one year. We believe that with the proper plant selection, planted into a good planting medium, and proper care from you, and your plants are going to thrive. Therefore, we simply guarantee our plants longer.


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