Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio

Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio

23370 Mercantile Road | Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Call 216-342-4652

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Hotel for Pets

Pet Lodge USA of Beachwood has The Inside Track! Actually, TWO indoor tracks! Yes, your dog(s) can be exercised daily (if you so authorize) by walking/running on an enclosed indoor rubber-surface track in a beautiful, climate-controlled setting, and it is all included (no extra charge!).


Your pet will be well-cared for and have large, modern, and private accommodations with LED cable tv in a beautiful facility that has about 13,000 square feet. Dogs and cats also have individual lockers and separate indoor playrooms. Dogs have eight private and secure yards with artificial grass.


Dogs and cats have fun in themed villages.


Dog accommodations:


East Ridge – a countryside-themed village with barn-shaped country cottages

West Rock – an old west atmosphere with chuck wagons

South Gate – a cityscape with colorful villas with roofs and skylights in a neighborhood setting

North Cove – a nautical environment with houseboats bordering dockside storefronts


Cat accommodations:


The Jungle – Individual, private, and long horizontal cabanas in a bamboo forest, each having a full-length catwalk and four chambers as bedroom, playroom, dining room, and bathroom. There is also LED-Cable TV for relaxation and enjoyment. NEW!: Tree Houses nestled in a jungle scene, each with its own tree for climbing fun!


All villages are climate-controlled for your pet’s comfort!


We offer daycare, overnight, and extended lodging for dogs, cats, birds, turrtles, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and hamsters. Our goal is to give your pet an enjoyable experience!


23370 Mercantile Road
  • Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio
  • Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio
  • Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio
  • Pet Lodge USA – Beachwood, Ohio