Nordonia Landscape Supplies – Walton Hills, Ohio

Nordonia Landscape Supplies – Walton Hills, Ohio

285 E. Twinsburg Road | Northfield, Ohio 44067

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Nordonia Landscape Supplies - Northfield, Ohio - Located conveniently on E. Twinsburg Road. Mulch, Topsoil, Stone, Salt and Sand.
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Offering Premium Landscape Supplies Including Mulch, Topsoil, Stone & Salt

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Nordonia Landscape Supplies, Inc. is your landscape supply headquarters for mulch, topsoil, stone, salt and sand. We offer both pick-up and delivery options. You can place your order online today or call for a custom quote. We also offer price matching with other local competitors’ material costs, and we will honor their material coupons!

Located conveniently on E. Twinsburg Road in Northfield, Nordonia Landscape Supplies is friendly, efficient, and very affordable. We bring over 40 years of combined experience in the landscape and snowplow industry, offering a large selection of landscaping supplies at a competitive price

We do not own any plow trucks, therefore we are not outbidding any contracts, stealing any customers, or locking out any accounts.

We are simply here to provide honest and fair service with competitive pricing.


Pickup or delivery we can make sure you have the perfect mulch for your home.

Topsoil & Stone Products

With a dozen options you choose what is right for your job and we will deliver!

Bulk & Bagged Salt

We have all of your salting needs. Whether you need bagged, bulk, deicer, we have you covered.


285 E. Twinsburg Road