Mr. Hero Medina Road

Mr. Hero Medina Road

3597 Medina Road | Medina, Ohio 44256 | Phone: 330-721-6622

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Mr. Hero Romanburger

Cooked to Order! It’s All About the Food!

The Mr. Hero product is a fresh, exciting alternative to the typical quick service restaurant. At Mr. Hero, we COOK your order when you order. We don’t cook our products in microwaves or use warming trays. We believe the flavor you crave should taste just as good as you expected.


Founded as a specialty sandwich shop, we pride ourselves on our unique delectable product line featuring the signature Romanburger® and Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™, along with other steak and burger products, chicken, a deli line, our Taste Buddies Value Menu, and variety of side items. Our point of differentiation clearly centers on the food.

3597 Medina Road