Level Best LLC – Twinsburg, Ohio

Level Best LLC – Twinsburg, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 | Phone: 330-810-2422

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Professional Concrete Raising and Leveling

Don’t replace it, LIFT it!

We can fix walkways, pool decks, porches & patios, steps, driveways, sidewalks, basements, bridge approaches, streets, trip hazards and much more.


Level Best raises, levels, and stabilizes concrete for residential and commercial properties. We can handle all your concrete lifting, leveling, stabilizing and void-filling needs. Our polyurethane injection process has been proven to be far superior to typical mudjacking. Contact us to repair your patios, driveways, sidewalks, basements, garage floors, roadways, or anywhere you have experienced an issue with uneven or settling concrete. Our process will not only bring your concrete back up to a functional condition but will also help prevent further erosion and settlement issues in the future.


Before you decide on costly replacement of your concrete allow us to provide you with a FREE assessment and estimate. We can save you a lot of extra time, expense, and mess by raising, leveling, and stabilizing with polyurethane foam. Concrete replacement is messy and expensive, and demolition and landscaping come at additional cost. We have no hidden fees or associated costs as our process generally only takes a few hours, we will not disturb your landscape or make a mess. You can walk or drive on the repaired area in 30 minutes. Our materials are made partially with recycled materials, are water impervious, and create very little additional weight so they do not overburden your soil, leading to additional settling.