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Jet’s Pizza

Pizzafire | Multiple Locations to Serve You:

3473 Hudson Dr. | Cuyahoga Falls | Directions | 234-334-0932

5350 Mayfield Rd. | Lyndhurst | Directions | 440-460-1700

35535 Euclid Ave. | Willoughby | Directions | 440-954-7700

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Life is short. Eat better pizza.®

Looking for a better house, he found a better pizza.


In 1978, Jet’s Pizza® founder Eugene Jetts was about to buy a new home. But on the way there, his passion for pizza took over. Instead, he signed a lease on a space that would become the first Jet’s® location. Along with his brother and partner John, they opened the doors to Jetts Party Shoppe & Pizzeria in Sterling Heights, MI. The pizza world would never be the same. They were about to make deep dish history by offering a truly, better pizza.


How did they do it? From the very beginning, their sole focus was on quality ingredients. To this day, Jet’s® stands for the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian herbs and spices, dough prepared by hand each day, and hand-grated, premium mozzarella cheese. Of course, a few things have changed. That first location has grown to more than 400 in 20 states. And Jet’s® offers more than famous deep dish pizza, like delicious fresh salads, breads, a dessert, hand tossed and thin crust pizza, a gluten-free option and one-of-a-kind Jetzee sandwiches. One thing that will never change is their commitment to quality ingredients.


Now just imagine if Eugene had bought that house almost 40 years ago. Millions of happy customers would never have said, “Let’s get Jet’s! ®” It all worked out pretty tasty for everybody.