Garage Bar Willoughby

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Garage Bar Willoughby

37825 Vine Street | Willoughby, Ohio 44094 | Phone: 440-510-8663

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37825 Vine St., Willoughby, Ohio 44094

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Garage Bar Willoughby - Willoughby, Ohio - Neighborhood bar

Neighborhood bar. Industrial feel. Music and artistry. Hot dog + slider menu.

With downtown Willoughby already being stocked full of hip and trendy places, we’ve decided at GBW (Garage Bar Willoughby), to do something a little different. A little more eclectic. Locals will create this neighborhood bars platform. We will line the walls with an industrial feel, fill her core with music and artistry, devise a menu unseen on this side of town, and staff it with the best characters this area has seen yet. we are the new place at the old Skelly’s location. We are the sister bar of the famous FAT’s. we are Garage Bar Willoughby.


“you laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same” – Jonathan Davis


  • Garage Bar Willoughby
  • Garage Bar Willoughby
  • Garage Bar Willoughby