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Everstone Floors - Macedonia, Ohio

Everstone® Beautiful Stone Flooring

1221 Highland Road | Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Call 1-800-290-5661

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Everstone Floors - Macedonia, Ohio - flooring

Epoxy Stone Flooring

EverStone® is a blend of North America’s most beautiful, natural, decorative stones, combined with our proprietary epoxy resin. EverStone can be applied to almost any structurally sound interior or exterior concrete surface, or any interior wood surface that has been properly prepared. Because EverStone is hand troweled, correcting uneven, dangerous surfaces are a breeze!

Most EverStone installations only take about 2 days to complete and cause very little, to no disruption to your surroundings. Installations are free from hazardous fumes, harsh odors and messes and are California C.A.R.B. Certified.

EverStone is also a great insulator, allowing air to circulate throughout the product. I will not transfer ground temperatures to your feet, like concrete or tile and has become the premier floor covering for any area that gets damp, wet or flooded. It does not mold, peel lift or discolor like carpet or tile and can be easily cleaned and maintained.