Apex Window Werks – Cleveland, Ohio

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Apex Window Werks – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio | Phone: 440-571-3003

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House Window Repair & Replacement Service in Cleveland


Quality and professional window repair and replacement solutions has finally made its way to Cleveland. Apex Window Werks is based in Elk Grove Village but has brought eight years of experience in the industry to Cleveland.


Apex provides a variety of services relating to window repairs and replacement, serving both the residential and commercial market.  Our portfolio includes everything from insulated glass units to single-pane units to custom shaped glass to skylights and sunny rooms.

Apex Window Werks - Cleveland, Ohio - MaxValues Window Repair


Wood Window and Door Restoration – Cost effective and like new again. Repair rotten wood frame and sash. Mill work.


Additional service include glass replacement for broken windows.


Moisture in your windows? Don’t wait until it’s too late. You don’t have to replace your foggy windows. Fast and proven process for restoring windows. Residential and commercial applications.


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