All Kar Service Center – Cleveland, Ohio

All Kar Service Center – Cleveland, Ohio

5821 Turney Rd. | Cleveland, Ohio 44125

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All Kar Service Center - Cleveland, Ohio - Auto Repair Services Including Engine Diagnostics, Brakes, Tires, Suspension, Oil Changes and More
All Kar Service Center - Cleveland, Ohio - Auto Repair Services Including Engine Diagnostics, Brakes, Tires, Suspension, Oil Changes and More

A Full Service Automotive Repair Shop

Our Services

Engine Diagnostics

At All Kar we can take care of that ” Engine Light ON” error. We have the tools that help diagnose the problem so that we can fix it and help get you get back on the road. We specialize in E-Check diagnostics and repairs

Lines and Tires and Brakes Oh MY!

We can replace all lines in your car, whether it is a Brake Line, a Transmission Line, or a Fuel Line. Our Brake Lines are made from the latest alloy “CooperNickel”, a combination of Copper and Nickel which carries a lifetime warranty from corrosion. We carry all major brands of Tires and even so not so well known. When it comes to Brakes we can handle it all, our Brakes come with a lifetime guarantee against defects. This however does not count normal wear. “Stop” in and check us out.


How is your car’s Suspension? Many of us take for granted that unless my car is bouncing, I have no problems with the suspension. Suspension and steering abilities go hand in hand. There are about a dozen parts in the front end and several in the rear that help maintain no only a comfortable ride, but, also keeps the car running straight and not letting the car go from one side of the road to another. When these front suspension parts fail a person can loose control of their steering capabilities. Have you ever seen a car on the side of the road that looks like the wheels are headed in different directions? Well that would be a part of the front steering and suspension that failed. With every oil change we check out the front end as well as make your tires are fully inflated. No one wants to hear that something is in need of repair, but, the repairs we suggest are only to keep you and your family safe.

About Us

All Kar Service Center is located at the corner of Turney Rd and Grannis Rd. in Garfield Heights. All Kar Muffler started back in 1989. Before that it was a few other auto repair companies; The Mad Hatter and Turney Rd Muffler. In January 2017 the company was bought after the previous owner ( Bob Little ) decided to finally retire after 28 yrs. of service. The company was aquired by myself; Dave McKee in January 2017. Let me give you part of my background and what I believe on bringing to the City as a new business owner. I started serving the public back in 1985 when I became a firefighter for Garfield Hts. In 1997 I became a Lieutenant and in 2002 I became the Fire Safety Officer/Arson Investigator for the Fire Department. I was and still am a Paramedic since 1985. Even after 33 yrs. I still have a deep devotion to the public. My family moved to Garfield Hts in 1954 where most of my family still lives. Because of my ties to the CIty I believe that I can bring more than a trusted service center to the area, but, also plan to make sure all my customers are treated with respect. I am comitted to make sure all repairs are done right and stand by the work of my mechanics. I hope that you stop by and see how it feels to be appreciated as a customer. Come in grab some coffee, tea, or water and lets get to know each other.