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How To Quit Smoking Using Laser Therapy

Without the use of drugs or nicotine replacement fads, Laser Therapy has developed into the safest, most effective way to quit smoking of our time.

Similar to the principals of acupuncture, it is the application of a low-level laser to specific pressure points on the body. This process stimulates the body’s natural endorphins which are responsible for our general sense of well-being, and also allows energy to flow and healing to take place.

Benefits of Laser Therapy Treatment:

• Holistic approach without stimulants
• Results are almost immediate
• Relaxing and comfortable
• Painless and safe
• No side effects

Benefits of Laser Therapy for Weight Control:

• No dieting or calorie counting.
• Focusing on weight health will naturally result in weight loss.
• No special foods are required to be purchased.
• Aids in appetite suppression to enable better eating choices.


3505 E. Royalton Road Ste 165
Broadview Heights