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MaxBlast Affordable Email MarketingEmail Your Coupon Offer to Thousands of Subscribers

Target the entire Cleveland, Medina and North Akron Area -or- only send to West Cleveland, East Cleveland, Medina/North Akron or a combination of any of the three.

Our subscriber list is comprised of consumers who want to receive great offers from businesses like yours. This is not a rented list made up of people who never opted in to receive coupons from MaxValues. These individuals came to us and signed up to receive coupons and offers. This makes our list reputable and viable.

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Added Bonus:

  • Your coupon will be placed on your very own webspot
  • Your webspot will further optimize your internet presence via a back link, keywords and search engine optimization
  • Consumers can visit your business website via your webspot. This will promote traffic to your website and better your search engine ranking


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