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Providing the Perfect Stepping Stones To a Healthy Lifestyle Since 2005 AcuLaser Treatment Center uses a therapeutic system combining the ancient medicine of acupuncture with the new technology of low level laser therapy, bound together by the age old principal of caring. AcuLaser provides one of the most advanced forms of therapy used today. Located in Broadview Heights, Ohio. We are dedicated to improving the health of our clients by providing personalized care. Each person’s lifestyle is addressed individually. We are here to be your support system with encouragement to help you on your way to improving the quality of your life. We have been tremendously successful in helping our clients free themselves from their addiction to nicotine, whether it is smoking, chewing tobacco or nicotine replacement products. Our low level laser therapy combined with lifestyle counseling and a specific detoxification plan provides the most effective solution available to you today for both quitting smoking and losing weight. Our laser therapy weight control program has proven to be very effective. We have incorporated the important facets of therapy into a comprehensive program providing the client with lifestyle counseling, laser therapy and nutritional support designed to maximize the client’s weight loss efforts. Our technicians provide the perfect stepping stones to those committed to changing their lives for the better.

3505 E. Royalton Road Ste 165
Broadview Heights